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Improving Gender Balance

Improving Gender Balance

Our Improving Gender Balance (IGB) project, running from 2014-16, supports schools to increase the number of girls choosing to study physics post-16.  

A team of Project Officers work with a group of 20 IGB Partner Schools to identify and address issues around gender and subject choice. Each school is taking one of three distinct approaches, or ‘strands’, aiming to directly address the factors which the evidence suggests are important in influencing subject choices:

  • Strand A: Working with girls at KS3-4 to build confidence and resilience;
  • Strand B: Working with teachers of physics to enhance the experience of girls in the physics classroom;
  • Strand C: Working with senior leaders, governors, pupils and teachers across all subjects on gender equity and whole school culture.

The project aims to assess the impact of each strand and identify the most effective approaches to encouraging more girls to continue with physics post-16. The findings will be incorporated into the support offered to our Stimulating Physics Partner Schools.

For more information on the IGB project, please email education@iop.org.

Read the qualitative report of our programme evaluation.

IGB Conference 2016

Around 50 teachers and Project Officers shared their results and experiences at the 2016 IGB conference. Access the conference materials, and take a look at this crowd-sourced resource from the event - teachers' messages to their former and future selves about improving gender balance.

Girls Into Physics Resources

The IOP has published a number of reports exploring the factors affecting girls’ subject choice, as well as producing a range of resources and guidance for teachers. These are available to download from the IOP website, or from Teaching and Learning Coaches:


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