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Our workshops are run at no cost to schools or participants. You can also contact your local coordinator to request a workshop on a topic of your choice, or to host a regional session.

Stimulating Physics Network Events in the North West

Event Location Date More Details
Preparing to Take On Extra-curricular Activities in Science Liverpool Science Park
L3 5RF
28 May 2016
10am - 3.30pm
Book your place via Diana Farley.
Event Focus...
Learn how best to deliver extracurricular activities in physics. We'll start off with an opening session from the National Schools Observatory (NSO), and then SPN Teaching and Learning Coaches will help you to develop strategies to provide an enriching experience that will boost the self-esteem of your pupils.

Please register by 15 May.
A Little Light Work Tarporley High School & Sixth Form College
9 June 2016
3.15pm - 5.30pm
Book your place via Darren Forbes.
Event Focus...
This training session will cover the models we use for explaining light; from ray diagrams to wave fronts. The focus will be on practical techniques to demonstrate key principles or reflection, refraction, lenses and colour.
North Wales Teacher Network Conference Trefenai, School of Education, Bangor University
LL57 2PZ
14 June 2016
9.30am - 3.30pm
Book your place via Andrea Fesmer.
Event Focus...
Our 9th day conference for all who are interested in physics teaching (PGCE science students, non-specialists, practicing teachers, retired teachers, technicians, university lecturers). This year's lecture is ‘Wave-particle duality and the frightening consequences’ by IOP president Prof Roy Sambles and workshops include: a WJEC Update, Meteorites – A Numeracy in Science Project, Make and take: 3 LED Hand held strobe and much more. Coffee served from 3.30pm - 4pm.
GCSE Physics: Light West Kirby Grammar School
CH48 5DP
22 June 2016
1.40pm - 3.30pm
Book your place via Joanne Avison.
Liverpool Physics Teachers Conference Liverpool Life Sciences UTC
L1 0BS
12 July 2016
9.30am - 3.30pm
Book your place via Lucas Hayhurst.
Event Focus...
A free day of talks, lectures and hands-on workshops for all science teachers. Come along for up-to-date information on gravitational waves and superheavy nuclei. Try out exciting new classroom activities to reinvigorate your lessons!

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