Science Ambassadors

This physics outreach scheme trains students to deliver physics demos and workshops in local primary schools.

Research by the Institute of Physics shows that although girls outperform boys at GCSE, they lack confidence in their ability in physics and so are less likely to continue with the subject post-16. The Science Ambassadors scheme is designed to help build confidence through supporting students in the planning and delivery of physics-based outreach.

There are three workshops for teachers to run in schools to help resilience, develop creative thinking skills and provide practice in science communication. You can download the resources HERE.

Each workshop is designed to take 45 minutes. However, each can also be easily extended, shortened or spread over two sessions. The equipment required is either provided or should be readily available in schools.

Participating schools will also bring a group of around 10 students to one of our IOP Science Ambassador training days. Students will learn how to deliver a range of science demos and activities, as well as taking part in a session on presentation skills.

Get involved

For schools

Look for upcoming training days in your area or get in touch if you would like more information.

For volunteers

We need volunteers with a science background to act as mentors to students during training days. You’ll be showing them how to run demos and activities and explaining the science. Interested in volunteering? Get in touch with the relevant contact below to find out more.

For venues

If you have a space, whether it is a hall or a few large classrooms, and want to contribute to improving student’s confidence and perceptions of science, please contact us.


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10 December 2019

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Barnard Castle

11 December 2018

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4 February 2019

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Maiden Erlegh

11 February 2019

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