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Summer Schools are now open to all new and non-specialists teachers of physics in English secondary schools. Register to reserve your place at:

  • York Summer School: National Science Learning Centre, 25 - 28 July
  • Oxford Summer School: Keble College, 8 -11 August
  • Cambridge Summer School: Homerton College, 8 - 11 August

Each school consists of four days of intensive hands-on workshops led by our Teaching and Learning Coaches. The Summer Schools focus on developing both subject knowledge and pedagogy. Our initial (First Year) programme covers core topics such as electricity, energy and forces. Our advanced (Second Year) programme builds on the initial course and introduces radioactivity, momentum and waves.

All costs of attending the school are covered by the Stimulating Physics Network.

Register to help you:

  • broaden your understanding of physics
  • enjoy the subject more;
  • feel more confident about teaching physics; and
  • make physics more interesting for your students.

Along with our intensive programme of workshops, discussions and masterclasses, the Summer Schools include food, accommodation and entertainment. You can follow these courses on twitter:

For more information, please contact Mariana Salgueiro at 020 7470 4988.

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